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Countries in Europe where you can study for free in the university

There are a number of countries in Europe where you can study for free at the university. These universities make it possible to study at no cost to national and international students, especially European students.
To do this, universities offer free tuition. There are also some scholarships to subsidize the studies in one of these universities abroad.
Some of the destinations where you can study for free at a university in Europe are Scotland, Finland, Austria, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia or the Czech Republic.
Below we tell you more about how to study a degree without having to pay a tuition at one of these European universities.

Although tuition is free, you must know that there are a number of expenses that run on your own. For this, you can always opt for other scholarships or occasional jobs where you can cover these expenses.15 European countries where you can study for free in the university

Study for free in Finland

Finland is one of the best countries in the world in terms of education. A country that stands out for its educational system, among other things.
In this destination you can study a degree for free , there are no tuition fees to study in Finland regardless of the level of studies and / or the nationality of the student.
Ojo, that there is no registration does not mean that the studies are going to come completely free, since even when there is no tuition, you still have to cover some living expenses during the studies in Finland.
It is estimated that the cost to study in Finland can be around 500 to 800 euros per month.
Below you can find more information.

Study for free in Austria

There are a number of scholarships for international students. With them you will be exempt from paying the tuition fees in the public universities of Austria and you will only have to pay the entrance fee in the Student Union and insurance.
The cost to study in Austria, approximately 800 euros per month covering accommodation, food and personal expenses.

Study for free in Scotland

Unlike the rest of the British territories, undergraduate students of public universities in Scotland are exempt from paying any kind of tuition. This applies to both Scottish and European students.
Scottish universities also have an extensive scholarship program, especially for postgraduate studies.

Study for free in Iceland

In the case of Iceland, only some institutions offer free study, without tuition costs for European students. In addition, there are many scholarships for foreign students to study in Iceland.

Study for free in Norway

In Norway State Universities and University Colleges do not charge tuition fees to students, including international students. It applies to all levels, including undergraduate, master's and doctorate programs.
It should be noted, however, that there may be some state universities with tuition fees for some specialized programs, usually at the Master level.
Most private institutions have tuition fees for all of their programs and courses. Rates are significantly lower than comparable studies in most other countries.
The cost to study in Norway: living expenses in Norway are higher than in many other countries. Housing costs can amount to about NOK 90,000-100,000 per year.

Study for free in Germany

As of October 2014, all German Universities are exempt from tuition fees for undergraduate studies for all students, including international students.
In some federal states, universities charge a half-yearly fee (about 50 euros) and administration fees. This structure may change in the future so you have to check it here to be informed about the tuition fees in the different federal states of Germany.
The language of instruction in most universities is German.

Study for free in Cyprus

Cyprus is another country where you can study for free at a university. Although the language in Cyprus is Greek and Turkish, many universities are giving their degrees in English.
For students from countries outside the EU, the Cypriot public university enrollment costs an average of 3,500 euros per year.
Cyprus has more than free tuition for college students. It has an enviable climate throughout the year, good beaches and a low cost of living.

Study for free in Sweden

Sweden is another destination in Northern Europe where you can study for free at a university. It offers a level education and superior quality, yes, like the other Scandinavian countries, the cost of living in this destination is high.
Most degree programs are usually in Swedish, however, you can find some programs in English. These are usually designed for international students.

Study for free in Malta

Malta also offers the opportunity to study for free at the university. In addition, this destination, like Cyprus, presents a series of attractions unlike the countries of northern Europe: good weather, beaches, cheaper life and grades are taught in English.

Study for free in Denmark

As you can see, you can study for free in all the Nordic countries. Of course, most degree programs are taught in the official language of the country, in this case, Danish. Even so, you can find some degree programs where you can study for free at the University of Denmark in English.
Another help option that is presented at the time of studying for free at a university in Denmark is the help of about 750 euros per month awarded by the Danish government to university students .

Study for free in Greece

All universities in Greece offer free tuition except one, the Hellenic Open University, as it is a university of distance education. The language of degree programs in Greek universities is in Greek although you can find some program taught in English.
An ideal destination if you do not like the cold of the Nordic countries.

Study for free in Slovenia

Universities in Slovenia offer free tuition for all students from countries in the European Union. As in the other countries mentioned, there are some (administrative) fees to pay that do not exceed 30 euros. Most programs are offered in Slovenian, however, there are also some in English.

Study for free in Slovakia

Located in the heart of central Europe, universities in Slovakia offer free tuition for European students who study any of the degrees offered in the Slovak language. If you do not know this language, it will be difficult to obtain an opportunity to study in these universities without a scholarship.

Study for free in Poland

Poland also offers free tuition for European students wishing to study at one of its public universities. As in other universities, there is an administrative fee not to exceed 50 euros. That yes, this exemption of enrollment is only for the grades in Polish.
For English degree programs, all tuition fees must be paid.

Study for free in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is another European country that offers free study at one of its universities. Of course, like some of the countries that have appeared in the list, the Czech Republic only offers exemption of the costs of the enrollment to those international students who attend a degree in Czech language.

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