Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Go to Russia 2018

How much will it cost to go to Russia 2018?

Although it is still two years before the packages are put up for sale, FinanzasPersonales.com.co wanted to make an average calculation to know how much you have to save to go to the next World Cup.
How much will it cost to go to Russia 2018?
According to Carmen Peñaranda, tourism consultant, the current prices of tours to Russia for a period of five days are between $ 8 and $ 10 million. What is expected with the World Cup in four years is that this cost is increased by three. That is to say that you, in pre purchase can buy packages globally, at least for the first round in something close to $ 30 million. 
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However we wanted to calculate some prices of the most important items when traveling to a world, this is what could cost you: 
Airplane Tickets: Because World Cups normally take place during peak seasons, the price shown here is likely to increase. But at least you have a base to start performing your calculations. Thus, as a return trip to the capital of Russia ranges from US $ 1,200 to US $ 2,000, depending on the season when it takes place.

Ticket booth: Well, although much of this is not known until the year before the World Cup, it is estimated that the prices of the current ticket office (Brazil 2014) will only increase by 20%, which leaves a margin of tickets for the Stadiums between US $ 500 the most economical location and US $ 900 the most expensive location.

Hotels and hostels: Like tickets, hotel prices vary according to the season, comfort and luxury of the establishments. In Moscow, you can find hotels ranging from $ 300 per night to $ 110 the cheapest, this, regardless of the factor: World Cup.

If you are one of those who will want to be in the first phase of the World Cup to attend the three matches of the National Team, what they would have to allocate is between US $ 400 and US $ 2,500, depending on the type of hotel chosen. Taking into account that this value can increase up to 50% in World Cup times. Depending on the time of purchase.

Tip: If your idea is to stay the whole world, it is important to find out for a more economical lodging, such as the rent of a department or house, as this can bring you savings of 30%.

Transport: One of the most expensive items in this country, since there are several alternatives to travel throughout the city. Prices, in exchange for weight, are really expensive. In addition to the classic taxis, there is also a transport called Marshrukta, which are popular and allow tourists to have more convenience at a better price than a taxi.

Taxi fares vary depending on the areas, according to what is recorded in the official guide of the Russian capital. Where prices range between 1,300 and 1,500 rubles, that is, US $ 20 to about US $ 30.

To travel between capitals, the most viable option then, is through the Trans-Siberian Railway, which connects the capital with the provinces closest to Siberia, China and Mongolia. The approximate cost of this transport oscillates in the 1,100 euros, that is to say, approximately US $ 1,200.

However, one of the proposals of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup was that visitors with tickets in hand to enter parties, did not have to pay for their transportation within the country.

Food: The cheapest places to eat in Russia are the so-called "Bistró". As they are the closest thing to a lunch restaurant, they handle a concept similar to the "menu of the day" and has a cost of approximately 15 to 20 euros, that is, between US $ 16 and US $ 22. 
That's how, with approximate prices you can start making numbers on what you should save to go to the next World Cup. Remember that even if the accounts are not accurate, having an approximate allows you to construct a plan so that you do not keep the desire to live a World Cup, but have the possibility to see the Selection win a match ... live and live.